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Commercial Litigation

Defending your business interests in Ohio

At Henderson, Covington, Messenger, Newman & Thomas Co., L.P.A., we protect your rights and interests in commercial litigation cases.  These cases can involve private legal disputes between individuals, small businesses, or national corporations.

We also counsel on ways to reduce the chances of your business being sued.  But the reality is that anyone in your company can make a mistake at any time.  This mistake could cause an injury, damage to a property, or harm to a reputation.  If this scenario happens, you could become legally liable for the damages.  A lawsuit has the potential to bankrupt your business. You want experienced help to protect your business interests and to resolve any disputes that may arise.

Trust your business to the Youngstown trial lawyers who know the law

We thoroughly prepare for your case.  It is our intent to first settle your matter out of court.  If these efforts are not successful, our experienced trial attorneys are ready to provide you with the most aggressive trial litigation possible.

The kinds of commercial litigation cases we handle include—

  • Contract disputes
  • Services and professional services
  • Real estate and real property disputes
  • Partnership and shareholder disputes
  • Goods sold and delivered

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