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Corporate Law

Effective attorneys assisting with your corporate law matters

The attorneys at Henderson, Covington, Messenger, Newman & Thomas Co., L.P.A. can help with all of your corporate matters:

  • Entity creation and organization.  When you decide to start a business, there are many issues to consider.  We can provide knowledgeable advice on what type of business structure is best for your business, the tax implications, and what state regulations apply.
  • Business contracts and agreements.  There are many ways to make mistakes when drafting a contract.  We draft contracts and agreements correctly with your goals as the priority.  We also advise you as to your rights and obligations under a contract.
  • Business purchases and sales.  When you decide to purchase, sell, or close on a building for a business, you need to know about—
    • Local codes
    • Zoning regulations
    • Assessments against the property
    • Liens
    • Compliance with the ADA
    • Environmental concerns

Buying or selling your business can be quite complicated.  We advise you on these issues as well as negotiate and draft your contracts.  

  • Litigation.  Contract disputes can occur even if all parties have put their agreement in writing.  We have extensive experience in resolving disagreements over contracts.  Disputes can also involve breaches of business torts, such as unfair competition, unfair business practices, and fraud.  In these cases, the amount of money at issue can have a detrimental effect on the business involved in the litigation.  In some cases, the survival of a business depends on the outcome of a business dispute. 

Your business needs an experienced attorney to handle these important legal matters and Henderson, Covington, Messenger, Newman & Thomas Co., L.P.A. is the firm you want on your winning team.

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